Bitdefender Customer Support to Install Bitdefender 2018 on Windows 10

Are you also unable to install Bitdefender antivirus on your Windows due to various factors? There are many customers who try to install the antivirus but fail to do so due to permission errors, system settings, and internet settings or browser settings. Also, it is very annoying that they have started the installation but the installation bar does not show any progress regarding the installation and it gets stuck and you are not able to download it. Such issues keep creeping in the systems of the users and they are not able to do anything which exposes them to the threat which is on the internet. So if you also find yourself in the similar situation and you are not able to download the Bitdefender 2017 in your windows then take help from the experts to troubleshoot any problem or error you are facing while downloading the program. So contact the experts through Bitdefender technical support number toll-free otherwise follow the steps provided by our experts below to download the application without any problem.

Installation steps you can follow to install the program

  • So to download the program you have to go your “Bitdefender Central” account.
  • Then you have to navigate to the “my devices”.
  • In that window you have to select “install Bitdefender”.
  • If you want to download the program on the system which you are using then click on “download” but if you want to install it on another system then you should click on “continue” and type the email address and click on “send”.
  • The download will now start and you have to wait for the process to get over so that you can run the installer. After the download gets completed, run the installer and then you will see a “download window”.
  • When you will click on the “download window” there you will see the “main installation window”.
  • After that you have to select the “language” of your installation.
  • Then you have to click on the “install” button and start the process. Now you have to wait for the process to get completed.
  • Click on “start using Bitdefender” and if you want to see the details of your subscription plans then go the “subscription plan window”.
  • After that click on “finish” and continue to work properly. If you face any problem or the installation process do not initiates then take Bitdefender customer support from experts!

Dial Bitdefender help number for flawless solutions

If you are unable to download the antivirus in your windows and you face technical errors while doing so then you should contact the experts through Bitdefender help number toll-free as we are available 24X7 for the service of the users without any delay. Users should not hesitate to call the experts as our team is very user-friendly and will provide the customers short and crisp steps.

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