How to Enable Ports in Bitdefender Antivirus by Bitdefender Phone Number.

Bitdefender is one of the finest and exceptional brands of antivirus in the current circumstances. It has distributed a lot to the business world. Normally, Bitdefender provides one or more sequential and parallel ports that manage unwanted access attempts in excess of the Internet and prevent critical information that you surely would not like to demand from getting to the computer. Ports are a necessary part of networking that used to deal with information and recognize the senders and receivers of the message. They are an associated network; works with TCP/IP connections.
But there are several issues faced by the customers while using this application. However, a firewall can also defend your system from replacing information that you do not want, but Bitdefender antivirus works much enhanced than others. In case, if you are getting issue related to enable ports in Bitdefender antivirus and looking help for this problem, in that condition, you may freely dial our number by Contact Bitdefender support number +1-888-701-0007 Tollfree.

Get the easy way to enable ports in Bitdefender antivirus on your PCs

  • First of all, on your desktop, double-click the Bitdefender icon or visit the system tray.
  • And then, click the Bitdefender dashboard to open it.
  • After that, at the top of the current window, click the Options button.
  • And then, choose Expert View to have a precise look at reports.
  • At the upper-left side of an antivirus program, choose the Firewall tab to continue.
  • Now, relate to the Programs tab; here you will find the rule button.
  • After that, click the Add Rule button to create exceptions/rules in the program.
  • After you do this, click the Apply Rule to All Programs radio button (if you want to apply the rules for all programs).
  • Near the bottom, select the Allow radio button.
  • Some users may find this option: under authorization at the bottom side of the current screen.
  • Click the Advanced tab and type the port number you want to open.
  • Once you provide the port numbers click the Ok button to save changes.
  • And finally, you will be able to enable ports in Bitdefender antivirus on your PCs.

Just in case, if you are caught in any kind of issue related to above mention steps, in that situation you may dial Bitdefender phone number for exact and to the point solutions.

Admirable help for Bitdefender customer support team

Bitdefender is one of the premium brands of antivirus which has captured the entire market by its quality class services. In case, you are encountering any kind of issues related to any sort of problems, then in that condition, you may land up calling at our Bitdefender customer support number for supreme solutions. Our highly talented and educated technical support team works very demanding and critical environment that’s why they can solve strength issues or problem from the system and provide the perfect support.

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