Dial Bitdefender Help Number to install Bitdefender Traffic Light on Mac?

The antivirus has always ensured that users get the total security through its anti-malware program. Also, the product provides the users the Traffic lights to be installed In their system which ensures that users stay protected while they browse the internet and it protects them from the various phishing and malicious website on a real-time basis. But various times users are not able to comprehend how they can install the Traffic light which is provided by the company and they get issues while installing it as they do not know the correct and proper steps to install the program.

Thus, in case, you need any kind of assistance regarding these similar issues then you can also read Bitdefender customer service provides steps to install Bitdefender Mobile security on iPhone. Therefore, in such cases, users should get in touch with the experts through Bitdefender Technical Support Number +1-888-701-0007 toll-free immediately to get the assistance immediately and without any hassle, as they are available for your service for 24X7. Otherwise, you can also follow the steps provided by our experts to manually install the program on your system.

Steps you have to follow to install the program:

  • Restart the system and then go to the main “Bitdefender window”.
  • Go to the option of “web protection” and then select “Fix now”.
  • A new window will be opened and then you have to click on the option of “get the extension”.
  • If you are installing the program on your Mac then you have to choose “safari” as your browser.
  • After that, the page will redirect the user to the Bitdefender Light traffic page and then you have to click on “Free download”.
  • Then you can add the extension easily and install it properly you have to go to the “safari” browser.
  • Then open the browser and then enter the link which you have to copy the extension link.
  • Then in your downloaded folder a file named “TrafficLight.safariextz” will be downloaded and then you have to run the file and then a prompt will come and then you have to click on “Install from Gallery”.
  • If you don’t get any prompt from safari then call to Bitdefender Customer Service team.

Connect with experts via Bitdefender Technical Support Number

If you get any problem while following the steps or you are not able to install the application’s extension on the system then you should get in touch with the experts through Bitdefender Technical Support Number +1-888-701-0007 toll-free immediately as they are available 24X7.

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